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What is PHOurl?

You have probably tried to send a friend or family member a link to digital postcards or greeting cards on the internet by e-mail and got the response that the link didn't work. This is probably because the link got wrapped or truncated because the URL was too long and your friend was unable to visit that page you wanted him or her to see so badly. With PHOurl this will not be a problem. Just take that long link of yours, paste it above and click "pho it!" to get a short link substituting the long one. The PHOurl is a short URL so that it will not be wrapped in e-mails and it will not expire.

An example

There are many places on the Internet that have terrible long URLs. You've probably used Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search or another search engine, then you may have noticed the long URLs you get when you make a search. Take this as an example:

77 characters. That's a lot of information and nothing you want to give a friend on the telephone, your friend would probably end up with the wrong address. Now, if we enter that at the top of this page we get:

This is only 15 charactes long and no problem to tell your friend on the telephone or in an e-mail.

Shorter address to your homepage

With PHOurl you can also get a shorter address to your homepage. Let's say that you have a homepage at

and you thing that it's a bit too long or hard to remember. Just enter that link into PHOurl and you get a short link like

that you can use instead and that is easy to remember. The PHOurl will redirect all pages to your site so you can just add a slash and the filename of a page at your site and we will take you there.

Terms of use

PHOurl is a free service to ease and help to spread links and URLs. It is forbidden to use PHOurl for spamming or illegal purposes. Offencing these rules will result in legal measures and we will contact ISPs involved and the proper legal instances. PHOurl is provided as is, without any warranty of any kind.

Here is a list of sites that have exchanged links with us.

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